Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy Weekend

"Oh, Mom...."
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend much time with Justin and the girls this weekend because I stayed pretty busy.  I spent all day Saturday (from about 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM) running back and forth between photo shoots for a 2013 calendar I’ve been putting together all year and a really cute vintage store downtown called Finds and Designs, for whom I sometimes photograph local models wearing their latest vintage clothing arrivals.  Don’t get me wrong, all of my photo shoots that day were SUPER fun, but after lugging around my 50-pound camera bag all day, I was EXHAUSTED by the time I got back to Justin’s parents’ house.  There was no rest for the weary, however, because we still needed to clean the house and pack up all our stuff so that we’d be ready to leave when his parents returned from the beach that evening. 
Hanging with Uncle Zach and Aunt Kristy

Yesterday, Kristy, Mandee, Susie, and I all drove to Charleston to watch Kristy try on wedding dresses, and then we grabbed a late lunch.  That was also a lot of fun, but by the time we returned home around 6:00 PM, I was exhausted yet again and ended up crashing on the couch for a 2-hour nap!  I woke up just in time to be able to quickly straighten up the living room and run the vacuum before Zach and Kristy came over to watch Boardwalk Empire.  Then, as soon as the show was over and they left, I still had to finish editing the photos I shot for Finds and Designs the day before because I knew they were probably hoping that I would have the photos uploaded to their Facebook page that night.   I finally got the photos finished and uploaded around 11:30 PM.

Sam and Margot playing tug
Needless to say, I don’t really feel like I had much of a weekend, but at least it was full of things that were fun, and even though I didn’t get to play with Margot much, I still got plenty of cuddles from her each night when I got home.   Not only that, but she and Sam played SO MUCH this weekend!  I feel like I keep repeating this, but it truly is remarkable how much Sam’s attitude has changed towards Margot.  I love watching Sam play more than anything.  Saturday morning, I managed to snap a photo of them playing tug with one of Margot’s toys, which Sam occasionally used to do with Lexie and her stuffed animals.  I almost cried.  (Almost.)

As for Miss Margot, she is such a little snaggle-tooth right now!  I took a couple photos of her teeth last night because it’s just too funny.  In the top photo, I can see one of her adult teeth is starting to come in on the top row.  She’s growing up so fast!!!

Margot the Snaggle-Tooth


  1. Lol Nala has lost 4 and like 4 more are loose. 2 are just barely hanging on and will come out in a few minutes...She won't let me wiggle them..

    1. Ugh! I'm on Nala's side on that one! haha! As a kid, I remember I HATED wiggling my loose teeth. :)

  2. Haha when I was little I would always wiggle but would not pull them. Eee....But yeah..I didn't want them to fall out and her swallow them so I was going to wiggle them out. :/ But she probably did swallow them or they're hidden in the carpet waiting for a barefoot victim to find them. My friend Shelby has one of Nala's baby teeth that she found at her house...stepped on it. Hah. And they all fell out and her adult teeth are already coming in a lot. Very visible. It's so fast!